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Feel free to change or add as needed. Limited info here from phone discussion with former owner.

deMco, pronounced as "de-M-co", was founded in January 1993 by Lon deMink. Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, deMco produced vehicle and pedestrian signals in both aluminum and polycarbonate. They also produced neon lighting (do not know to what extent).

In April 2003, deMink sold deMco to Native American Industries, where he worked from 2004 until 2008 in sales, before taking a position at Dialight as a Regional Sales Manager


DeMco signals can be found in abundance throughout Virginia, Maryland, western New York, and Louisiana.

Traffic Signals

Made in both Kalamazoo, MI. and Vint Hill, VA.


12" Poly

deMco's 12" poly signals are very sturdy compared to similar poly signals produced at the time. The visors are notably thick, the visor tabs are durable, and the signal housing itself has a nice combination of strength and flexibility. The 12" body looks similar to a Durasig at a glance, but has less pronounced bulges that end rounded, instead of flat.


Figure: 12" deMco Signal frontside view.


Figure: 12" deMco Signal backside view.


Figure: 12" deMco Signal reflector view.


Figure: 12" deMco Signal interior view.

8" Poly

Pedestrian Signals

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Pedestrian/Sign Heads (Rectangular)

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Informational Signals and Signs

describe models, variations [delete] includes "box signs," "case signs," and Ped Heads with special [non-ped] lenses.


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Different type of controllers


This would include any kind of special options for traffic signals as well as mounting hardware including brackets, slipfitters, hangers, bases, etc.

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