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A division of the 'Automatic Telephone Manufacturing Company' (A.T.M.) created Electro-Matic in 1932 [1]

?? When did Electro-Matic become Automatic Signal?

Automatic Signal located in East Norwalk, Connecticut - when did they move from NYC?

1938 - Automatic Signal Corp. buys Tokeim traffic signal division

Automatic Signal Corp. becomes 'Laboratory for Electronics' (LFE.)

FROM MSN SignalFan Club data page: Automatic Signal / LFE

The Automatic Signal Corporation was started by Charles Adler in Baltimore in 1928, as a manufacturer of the first traffic actuated controllers. At some point during the 1930's they moved to Norwalk Connecticut. After WWII they were bought by a company called Eastern Industries, who expanded upon the original design of the controller, into more models with different features. At some point during the late 1950's, Eastern Industries was accquired by the laboratory for electronics company, which later became known as the LFE corporation. It was during the early sixties that the company first began to produce actual signals. Previous to this they only made controllers. During the 1980's, the LFE Corporation, as well as Eagle Signal, were accquired by MarkIV Industries, to form their transportation products division. MarkIV sold this division to Siemens in 1997, where they are now called the EagleTCS division of Siemens.



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Traffic Signals

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Four Ways

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Pedestrian Signals

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Vehicle Heads (Round)

Vehicle Heads (Square Door Adapters)

Pedestrian/Sign Heads (Rectangular)

Informational Signals and Signs

describe models, variations [delete] includes "box signs," "case signs," and Ped Heads with special [non-ped] lenses.


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Restored Examples

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