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Company Information

Founded in 1926, Kopp Glass was formed from the remains of the Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Company. The previous company excelled in crafting glass lamps and tableware in a wide array of colors, which contributed greatly to Kopp's quality and success it's known for. Shortly after Kopp was formed, they developed "selenium red" glass, which became the new standard in railroad signals. ---I got this from their website, add whatever else - Pyth---

Signal Lenses

Diamond Design

Kopp 27s

Obverse Full View


Obverse Logo

No Logo

Reverse Pattern Detail


Reverse Upper Rim Inscriptions


Reverse Lower Rim Inscriptions

No Lower Inscriptions

Dimensioning Figure

Lens Dims Main LC.jpg

Lens Dimensions
0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.0" 0.0"

Production Years: 1921? - 1938?

Material: Glass

Available Colors: Blue-Green, Emerald Green, Amber, Deep Amber, Red, Deep Red, Clear.

Pattern or Mask of Lens: Diamonds with 4 lines going from the bottom, three quarters up the diamond.

Logo Displayed on Front: N/A

Rim Inscriptions, Front & Back: 8⅜ DIFFUSING RDL NO 27 KOPP GLASS INC. SWISSVALE PA.

Signals Used On: Harrington-Seaberg, Horni, Ruleta, early Eagles, early GEs, possibly 1st gen Marbelite

Patents: ???

Kopp 4627s

Kopp 66s

Kopp 4666s

Bead Design

Kopp 4650s

Available Colors: Emerald Green, Pale Yellow, Red.

Kopp 88As

Sawtooth Design

Kopp 4677s

Kopp 4777s

Brick Design

Kopp 4655s

Kopp 4955s

External Links

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