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company info [delete] McCain, formally known as McCain Traffic Systems (MTS) is one of only a few manufactures, including 3M and Intelight, who have attempted to create complex, technological solutions for signals at complex intersections. Consequently, these signals are larger and more costly than their analog counterparts and the make-do hardware such as tunnel visors and louvers; adoption rates are limited and typically implemented by exception only. McCain, in particular, also produces normal signal heads which see a much higher adoption rate. There have been some criticisims of their quality in recent years, as some aluminum signal heads are prone to corrosion and loss of paint.

Traffic Signals

broken down into general categories [delete]

Four Ways

McCain produced no 4-way style signals.


By far their most popular product, McCain produces a generic signal head in both 8" and 12" that is in appearance a Crouse-Hinds Type R 8" design.


Figure: Left to right: McCain 8", 12" and body design. [Photo by L.B.]

IMG 0326.jpg

Figure: Standard McCain signal with LED inserts. [Photo by Jon L.]

The Programmable Visibility (PV) signal that McCain produces is essentially a 3M signal with a round lens and standard round visor that is compatible with the 12" McCain signals, these being the primary characteristics to identify a McCain PV vs a 3M PV signal. Both use the same high-intensity automotive headlight style lamp. The lamp doors are actually slightly modified 8" McCain housings.

McCain PV.jpg

Figure: PV Style Signal. [Photo by Vashon118]

Pedestrian Signals

describe models, variations [delete]

Vehicle Heads (Round)

Vehicle Heads (Square Door Adapters)

102 0753.JPG 102 0752.JPG

Figure: 9inch lens poly signal with angled visors. [Photo by Blecha67]


Figure: 9inch poly lens poly signal with square visors. [Photo by Pyth]

Pedestrian/Sign Heads (Rectangular)

McCain produces the standard 16" rectangular signal. Overall they share a similar appearance to the ICC signals, but the McCains have an extra set of fastener ears on the sides of the housing. There are five versions of the signal available:

 1000 - incandescent
 2000 - neon
 4000 - fiber optic
 7000 - neon (man) and LED (hand)
 8000 - neon

McCain ped.jpg

Pedestrian signal using Clamshell mounting hardware. [Photo by L.B.]

Informational Signals and Signs

describe models, variations [delete] includes "box signs," "case signs," and Ped Heads with special [non-ped] lenses.


describe models, variations [delete]







Different type of controllers [delete]


this would include any kind of mounting hardware including brackets, slipfitters, hangers, bases, etc. [delete]

Miscellaneous Images

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