New York City - 5th Ave. Traffic Towers

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Tower Detail

Modern Traffic Tower Installed Along 5th. Ave.

The Fifth Avenue Association purchased seven towers of Bronze to replace five older towers, the first such traffic structures in the city. This modern design of tower was done with a competition following guidelines of the American Institution of Architects, narrowing down 130 entries. The first of these towers went into service December 18th, 1922 at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street. It is the master tower for traffic control along Fifth Avenue and the city looked to expand this concept to other streets.

Facts About the Towers

  • Constructed of Solid Bronze
  • 23 Feet in Height
  • Mounted on a 4' x 4' x 3x Granite Base
  • North and South Facing Clocks Ring and 12AM/PM
  • Equipped with 350lb Bell
  • Electric Heat and Glass Windows


American City Municipal Index and Atlas, Feb. 1923, pg. 173, "New Bronze Traffic Towers for Fifth Avenue," Charles H. Robinson, Asst. Secretary - Fifth Ave. Association.