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Corporate History and Overview

company info, background, founding & major dates, etc.

Distributors and Contract Manufacturing

Any notable distribution arrangements or private market signals

Traffic Signals

broken down into general categories

Design Characteristics

That's a Peterco. Made in Brazil. They were used in the late 1980's. Their 8" signal is a very poorly cast copy of a Crouse-Hinds Type R. They also made peds that look like the Winko-Matic models, but are marked "Peterco" on the back. The casting on all of these was of poor quality, and the vehicular heads only had two screws to hold in each lens, even though they had the normal holes for four. -Jesse



Pedestrian Signals


Vehicle Heads (Round)

describe models, variations

Vehicle Heads (Square Door Adapters)

describe models, variations

Pedestrian/Sign Heads (Rectangular)

describe models, variations

Informational Signals and Signs

describe models, variations [delete] includes "box signs," "case signs," and Ped Heads with special [non-ped] lenses.


describe models, variations


describe models, variations


describe models, variations


describe models, variations


describe models, variations


describe models, variations


Different type of controllers


This would include any kind of special options for traffic signals as well as mounting hardware including brackets, slipfitters, hangers, bases, etc.

Miscellaneous Images

Various reference images, restored examples, etc. that don't fit anywhere else.

Relevant Patents

Patent numbers relevant to this MFR or signals specifically. Not just every patent by company X.


Insert any sources cited or used here

Holding Pen for Unsorted Data, Notes, Etc.

Insert any random discussions here