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For those who don’t want the size and effort required to own and maintain a full size traffic signal cabinet, index card sized sequencers boards are available using modern electronics to quietly and effortlessly run multiple signals.

SB Electronics

120v Controllers

Wig-Wag Flasher (multi speed)

Pedestrian Signal Controller

3 Circuit Contoller - STD RYG

3 Circuit Controller - CDN Fast Flash

3 Circuit Controller - 3 section FYA

4 Circuit Controller - 4 section FYA

4 Circuit Controller - RYG + arrow

4 Circuit Controller - RYG + Transit

4 Circuit Controller - Dual PEDs

5 Circuit Controller - Dog House

5 Circuit Controller - RYG + PED

6 Circuit Controller - 2 way RYG

10 Circuit Controller - 2 way + PED

10 Circuit Relay Controller - features adjustable RYG times for both directions and has fixed PED outputs.

12 Circuit Controller - CDN Fast Flash for one direction, STD RYG for the opposite direction; Main and Side Street PEDs

12 Circuit Controller - Same as 10 Circuit but with 2 configurable outputs for arrows or extra PEDs

12 Circuit Controller - 2 Way RYG + 3 PEDs (Type C PED Scramble)

DC Controllers

2 Circuit (12VDC Wig-Wag)

3 Circuit (RYG)

6 Circuit (custom for Rail Way signals)

Custom Add-On Boards

FYA emulator - interfaces with NEMA controller

EM PED Flasher - Adds flashing interval to an EM controller that doesn't have flashing PED Clear

Single and 4-way traffic sequencers.

Flashers and railroad flashers.

Custom sequences.

Custom board designs.

Contact Info: Email or Econo101 on the forum