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Member SignalLab has been researching the Signal Computer Corporation with several signal distributers in the area after finding several of these "checker" heads. According to his source, "Signal Computer Corporation in of Garland, TX was owned and operated by Maurice Harvey and Rodger Irwin. We think they have been out of business for about 25 Years [about 1975, this was written in 2004]." This gentleman has an old catalog of theirs. They were not associated with Eagle (note similarity to Eagle mold) in any way. It is likely that they basically copied the mold for the head in question, but the writing on the back is different, which would be further indication that it wasn’t made in the same mold.

Traffic Signals

broken down into general categories [delete]

Four Ways

describe models, variations [delete]


describe models, variations [delete]

Logo signallab1.jpg

Figure: Logo of Signal Computer Corporation, resembling that of a Checker signal. [Photo by SignalLab]

Cluster signallab1.jpg

Figure: Cluster of Signal Computer Corporation 8" heads, resembling that of an Eagle signal. [Photo by SignalLab]

Pedestrian Signals

describe models, variations [delete]

Vehicle Heads (Round)

Vehicle Heads (Square Door Adapters)

Pedestrian/Sign Heads (Rectangular)

Informational Signals and Signs

describe models, variations [delete] includes "box signs," "case signs," and Ped Heads with special [non-ped] lenses.


describe models, variations [delete]







Different type of controllers [delete]


this would include any kind of mounting hardware including brackets, slipfitters, hangers, bases, etc. [delete]

Miscellaneous Images

a couple of quality pics of a restored unit [delete]