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Signal Service Corporation started in 1932 when they purchased the AGA signal division. They continued selling AGA's traffic signal designs until they themselves were purchased by Marbelite Corp. in 1945. (1 - THE AMERICAN CITY, December 1945, p.24) Some SSC signals were sold shortly after WW-II having Marbelite nameplates attached.)

Traffic Signals

Four Ways

The most common SSC "fixed" signals were the Type BAP. BAP was followed by two numbers, the first indicating the number of vertical sections and the second indicating the number of faces. A Type BAP-34, for example, would indicate a fixed three section 4-way signal.

SSC 2008Cohoes WHL.jpg

The SSC signals were bulky and ornate. The visors were unique in shape and efficiency. They were somewhat of a cross between tunnel and cutaway visors. This design allowed a string of visors to be cut from a roll of sheet metal, each visor facing the other, with virtually no waste.

SSC 2009visor WHL.jpg

The signals were built in stackable stamped aluminum sections where each side panel was soldered to the adjacent panel along the corner edges. The entire signal was held together by steel tie rods that passed through cast aluminum top and bottom plates. The sections were sandwiched together by the top and bottom plates once the nuts on the rods were tightened.

Ssc 2008seams WHL.jpg

SSC reflectors were very heavy and set directly into the side panel, held in place by four spring loaded tabs. The reflectors required removal in order to reposition lamp sockets to prevent filament shadows. The doors were held in place by two brass pins. One pin served as a hinge while the other held an eye bolt and wing nut. Lenses rested against cork gaskets.

SSC 2008door WHL.jpg


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Pedestrian Signals

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Vehicle Heads (Round)

Vehicle Heads (Square Door Adapters)

Pedestrian/Sign Heads (Rectangular)

Informational Signals and Signs

describe models, variations [delete] includes "box signs," "case signs," and Ped Heads with special [non-ped] lenses.


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Vehicular lenses typically found in SSC signals included Corning Type B (large bead) and Kopp 27 (diamond pattern) lenses.






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The original span wire hanger was a bronze gooseneck style weatherhead with a non-leveling single eye. The eye threaded into the weatherhead and was held in position by a lock nut.

SSC 2008hanger WHL.jpg

The eye tended to elongate over time and the few SSCs that are still in service have been retrofitted with conventional adjustable gooseneck weatherheads.

Miscellaneous Images

SSC 2008restored WHL.jpg

Figure: Restored Type BAP-43, serial number 4723. Willis Lamm Collection.


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