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International Manufacturers

I made the naming format uniform for all of the international manufacturers, in addition to adding some new ones. I left a number of question marks, either meaning (a) it is unknown what an acronym stands for or (b) it is unknown what country a company is from. Please fill in that information if you know it.

Page Naming

I attempted to make the US manufacturer page names uniform. I removed all periods and commas from the titles; I fully wrote out all abbreviations; and I removed all business suffixes (such as "Company" or "Corporation"), UNLESS that suffix is either included in a common abbreviation (such as the "Corporation" in "SSC") OR if it follows a generic term such as "Signals" or "Controls" in order to prevent confusion. If you have any questions, just ask me. If anything is wrong or you don't like this format, feel free to revert it.